Fancy Parakeet Colors (Rare Mutation by Breeders)

Just imagine fancy parakeet colors! Are you getting lost in a world that never ceases to amaze us with beautiful colors? Birds add a touch of beauty that transcends language. 

You’ve probably seen adorable, brightly colored parrots flitting around in cages at pet stores. The patterns feature many vibrant shades that draw the viewer in. 

The question is: How many fancy parakeet colors are there? There’s no end; it could be an overstatement. However, in this article, we will cover our favorite parrots.

Let’s reveal the true magic 

Budgie Parakeet

Budgie parakeet is often considered the type of parakeet mostly suitable for beginners. Meanwhile, the beautiful color combination of a budgie makes it unique. 

For example, green is the only natural body color of a budgerigar. You may find many colors in pet shops, but you must know that a budgie must have green and sometimes yellow in the wild. 

So, you can only expect two basic series of colors – yellow and green

Remember, all other colors like rainbow budgies, white buggies, sky blue budgies, greywing budgies, recessive pied budgies, or any other color mutations created by the breeders, and there is nothing wrong with them. 

Lavender Parakeet 

Birds with beautiful colors, like rainbows, grace our life with their presence. Lavender is one of the favorite parakeets with mesmerizing colors. 

Levender Parakeets are rare and produced as a result of selective breeding. The violet feather and deep purple tail with a white base marking provide an eye-soothing effect. 

Yellow parakeet Color

The yellow chevroned parakeet is native to South America and is called the pocket parrot or bee by many. Unlike their names, they have green bodies and light green underparts.

Both male and female parakeets have green and light green wings, yellow highlights, and a brown or orange beak. These birds love to play, and they have a high demand to keep them as pets.

Sulphur-Breasted Parakeet

Sulphur breasted Parakeet

As the sun paints the sky with golden hues, sulfur-breasted parakeets reveal their true magic. They are pale orange-colored birds with pale yellowface, heads, and breasts.  

They have slender bodies with pointed blue-green tails. At the same time, the front of the crow has orange stripes. They are social birds that live in small flocks. 

Scarlet crested parakeet

The Scarlet crested parakeets are different in look than all the other parakeets. Their beak is hooked in shape and has a large head.

They are famous as the intelligent parakeet. People love them for their colorful wings and relatively gentle personalities. They are small in size and fun-loving.

Blue parakeets

As indicated by the name, they have beautiful blue bodies. They fly in large flocks around Australia. They are friendly and tend to meet mates during the rainy season. 

Blue parakeets can live up to 20 years maximum. 

It has fancy parakeet colors such as white-colored legs and heads, yellow beaks, and blue cheeks. Their IQ is high, and they can talk about the words they hear.

Saddleback parakeet

One of the rarest species of Parakeets. There are two species, South Island and North Island Saddleback parakeets. Their bodies are undiluted yellow or blue. However, the chest and rump are creating the dark factor. 

The head and shoulders have V-shaped areas with bright stripes and bright saddle-like spots, often red.  They nest in tree fern crowns and holes in tree trunks. 

Monk parakeet

monk parakeet

They are also called Quaker parrots. These cute birds are dark green with grey abdomens. However, their beak contains yellow color. 

They display great personalities even in small environments.

Monk parakeets are also famous as comedic birds, so those who buy them will always be energized.

Opaline parakeet

Opaline Parakeets are among the most talkative birds in the parrot family. Due to the opaline gene, it is slightly lighter than other breeds of the same color.

Opaline parakeets have fewer stripes on their heads and between their shoulders. They are usually green, blue, or grey with a yellow head. They have a remarkable ability to learn and become their companions quickly.  

Mustached parakeet

The mustache parakeets are easily identifiable because they have a large red spot on their chest. They also feature a  black chinstrap and bandit-like appearance around the eyes.

The head is in lavender grey, while the beak is bright red-orange. These red-cheeked pigeons love interacting with humans but are not particularly friendly. 


What are Fancy Parakeet colors mean?

A small parakeet with social behavior and highly intelligent. They eat seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits. These parakeets live up to 20 years in captivity. 

What are the Basic Colors of Parakeets?

There are two basic colors: green and blue. You can find different combinations with these colors. 

What are the rare colors in Parakeets? 

Few colors remain extremely rare among parakeets.

  • Anthracite
  • Feather Duster
  • Albino parakeet
  • Mauve or Violet factor parakeet
  • Texas Clearbody
  • Cobalt pigment parakeets

Is There Any Pink Parakeet? 

Yes, there is. Bourke’s Parakeet has mesmerizing bright pink feathers. You can also find cream blue, cinnamon, and pied color variations.

Fancy Parakeet Colors – Their color Mutation

Pet parakeets will never disappoint you in their colors, patterns, and species diversity. 

Parakeets come in so many color variations. You can choose any because they are available in almost every color.

Many people have a hobby of keeping pets, which is a fun hobby. And parakeets are the best choice for pets.

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