Are Parakeets Good Flyers (A Guide for Budgie, Parrot Owners)

Do you know parakeets are the most popular pet birds after cats or dogs?

So, are parakeets good flyers too?

The beautiful color, high-flying capabilities, and easy taming make it popular. They can not only fly but can also soar for higher flights. 

So, yes, parakeets are good flyers, but how far can they fly, and what’s the ideal speed, along with the flying speed of different types of parakeets, is something you should also know.

Without further ado, let’s dig into it and find out more about how much parakeets are good flyers. 

What is a Parakeet?

A parakeet is a term used to describe small and colorful birds that are small in size but look similar to a parrot. Moreover, it must be slender and have long feathers to be called a parakeet. 

These smaller parrots are known for their active nature, ability to mimic, and intelligence. 

So, if you also want to find a friendly, smaller bird that will be an active companion, then a parakeet must be your go-to choice.

Can Parakeets Fly Well?

Yes, parakeets are flying parrots meant to fly well and fast. 

In the wild, they can go around and can fly freely. However, if you have just adopted cute birds from a breeder or pet store, you must know they would need some time to get comfortable around you. 

Once they adopt your environment and become more familiar with you, you will see them free-flying and enjoying nature. 

It’s not good to keep the parakeets in captivity, but you must be assured that they should not fly away from the cage as it would be difficult to catch them. 

In this regard, you can try wing clipping to ensure they are not fully capable of flight.

Can All Parrots Fly?

A huge yes: all parakeets are good flyers.

Despite the type of parrot you have, you can keep the surety that parrots can fly very well.

However, the flight speed varies where the sole purposes of flying are in search of food and water or to avoid predators. Conversely, it is also in their nature. 

Remember, the only parrot species left unable to fly is kakapo – Native to Newzeland and known as owl parrots. Source:

How High and Fast Can They Fly?

Although parakeets can quickly fly, how far and how fast they can fly depends on certain factors such as the environment, type, and personality.

So, Parrots in the wild can typically fly as fellows.

  • Budgerigars can fly up to 50 miles per hour.
  • Lineolated parakeets can fly 25 miles per hour even with the best speed.
  • Monk parakeets can fly 70 miles per hour.
  • A cockatiel can fly up to 45 miles per hour – the fastest flying speed in Australia.
  • Macaws can fly 35 miles per hour.
  • Cockatoos can fly up to 45 miles per hour.
  • An African grey can also fly up at the speed of 50 mph. 
  • Indian ring-necked is capable of flying up to 40 mph.

Remember, you can quickly increase this speed with little taming. For example, you can encourage them to fly in a circle for 8 seconds, and this exercise will surely help them to increase their flight skills. 

Factors that Affect Parakeet Flying Speed

Although parakeets are good flyers, the average speed of various species has been mentioned above. 

It’s important to know that the speed ranges due to various factors such as weight, size, body shape, wind, taming, air pressure, exercise, etc. 

However, for your ease, we have divided it into two sections – physical appearance and environment. 

So, let’s find out them together. 

parakeets are good flyers

Physical Characteristics

Usually, parakeets are good flyers. However, the general appearance or physical characteristics give a parakeet a clear edge over its speed. 

For example;

  • Small birds usually have more energy than larger birds, so they can fly well. 
  • The aerodynamic shape of parakeets can also fly faster – a bird with a longer wingspan and pointed wings.
  • Regular exercise can also help in making excellent flight speed.
  • Healthy foods and proper care is the key to bird life.
  • An adequate weight also affects the flying speed. 

TIP: To ensure a healthy parakeet, offer a perch inside the cage. This will let him easily feed.


Just like the appearance, the environment also has a more significant impact on a bird’s flying capabilities. 

For example;

  • An open space gives them more chance to take control over speed.
  • Remember, the cramped quarters or indoor flight can limit their flying abilities, resulting in slower flying. 
  • You must take safety precautions before initiating the flying process.

So, you must ensure an adequate environment to ensure the best flying speed practice. 


How far can a parrot fly In one day?

Surprisingly, a parrot can fly at an average of 30 miles a day

Well, that’s huge, and if your parrot goes away from home, it means they can go far away and probably won’t be able to fly back. 

Meanwhile, you can help your pet parrot by placing a cage outside the home to help it find its home again.

At What Time Do Parakeets Fly?

Parakeets usually fly in the daytime or daylight, and the primary reason behind their flying capability is that they have limited vision in dark light or evening.

Do parakeets come back if they fly away?

Although parakeets are great apartment birds, if they fly away or are missing for several hours, you may not be able to get your parrot back.

Remember, it also depends on your parrot species, as few of them cannot fly faster. For example, budgies are not generally fast flyers. So they won’t be able to go far and get home quickly.  

On the other hand, if your parrot doesn’t love the voices of wild parrots, he may get back, or your voice can also help them to find their way back. In this regard, you can help them with a cage outside the landmark to help them find a home.

So, Are Parakeets Good Flyers?

Are parakeets good flyers?

Yes, parakeets are good flyers; they are meant to fly. 

However, each parrot type has its flying speed. And there is a reason behind it. 

So, if you are still trying to figure out whether “parakeets are good flyers or not,” you must remember they are, with all the capabilities to be remarkable pets. 

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