what birds eat niger seed | Top 10 birds with ultimate guide

What birds eat niger seed? Niger seed, also known as Nyjer seed.

As we all know, plenty of species out there eat different n different diets, whether cicadas or cracked corn.

This article will discover which birds love to eat niger seed and the top 10 birds that eat niger seed. You will also learn why all birds can’t eat nyjer seeds.

Their habits, diet, preferences, the best bird feeder for niger seeds, how to preserve niger seeds, and the most reliable way to attract birds to your bird’s feeder interested in niger seeds.

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Top 10 birds that eat niger seed

Here are the top 10 birds that eat niger seed:

  • Siskins


  • Goldfinches

american goldfinch feeding on thistle seed

  • Redpolls

lesser redpoll carduelis cabaret single bird

  • Greenfinches

greenfinch ready free lunch

  • House Finches

house finch eating sunflower seed feeder

  • Pine Siskins

young redpoll siskin on bird feeder

  • Sparrows

sparrows my garden telephoto beautiful sparrow

  • Common Redpolls

pretty common redpoll acanthis flammea feeding

  • Lesser Redpolls

lesser male redpoll hangs

  • buntings

male painted bunting eating millet seed

Do all birds like niger seed?

The most asked question is, “do all birds like niger seeds”?

The answer is “no”. Not all birds find niger seed appealing; while many other finch species are attracted to it, other birds may not.

There are a variety of birds, including sparrows, doves, and pigeons, who might consume niger seeds. But they generally eat larger seeds because they are easier to consume, like sunflower seeds.

Other species, such as cardinals, woodpeckers, and blue jays, are usually not interested in niger seeds as a source of diet and nourishment. Instead of seeds, they usually prefer others, like suet, nuts, fruit, etc.

We need to consider the preferences of different bird species when deciding which type of seed to provide.

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Who eats nyjer seed?


Small birds prefer Niger seeds, specifically finches.

These birds have beaks shaped like cones, making them ideal for breaking the hard outer layer of the seed and accessing the nutritious interior. There are some reasons, such as:


What birds eat niger seed? So, the type of bird has a long beak that can easily crack tough outer coating


Diet preferences are another factor for birds that do not eat niger seeds. Birds have varied feeding habits and dietary needs, determined by beak structure, migration, and food sources in their habitat.

These diets usually consist of seeds, fruits, insects, and other elements from their environment. Certain species have specialized diets, like woodpeckers’ high-fat diets, to fuel their drumming.

We must know a bird’s feeding habits and natural diet, which helps us provide the right food for bird feeders.


How long can you keep nyjer seed?

Generally, we can store niger seed for a maximum of 6 months if we store it properly.

For that reason, I suggest you buy niger seeds in small quantities, but if you buy them in bulk, you need to be careful and store them properly.

Niger seeds are rich in oil, which is why we can’t store them for a long time. If we store it properly and place it anywhere, it smells pleasant.

For the healthy life of your feathered friend, you need to store niger seed in an airtight container, whether made from plastic. Keep niger seed in a cool, dry, and fresh place, and don’t forget to keep it away from the sun’s harmful rays.


I’ve got a tip for you to find out whether the niger seed is fresh. You have to rub a few seeds on your fingers; now, if you feel that the seeds are soft or smell an odor smell, now it’s time to discard these seeds and buy a fresh one.


What is the best bird feeder for nyjer seed?

It depends upon different factors, such as bird species and seed size. Well, there are some great options for you:

  1. Thistle feeders
  2. Hopper feeders
  3. Feeding tray
  4. Tube feeders

Now, here is another question: What type of feeder should you buy for niger seeds? So, it would help if you bought a thistle feeder.

But it would be best if you considered some factors before buying it, such as: The feeder should be water-resistant and quality of a feeder it should be a long-lasting


How do I find birds interested in niger seed?

Now, the question is, what is the most reliable way to know which birds eat niger seed or not is: As you got all the information, what birds eat niger seed and what do not.

You can also take some time to watch the birds in your surroundings or garden and observe the birds attracted to niger seeds. It may be helpful to provide the birds with a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar foods, which could encourage them to try out the niger seed.

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Final words

What birds eat niger seed. In conclusion, not all birds are attracted to niger seeds.

Understanding the preferences of different bird species before providing them in your bird feeder is essential.

The top 10 birds that love to eat niger seeds are siskins, goldfinches, redpolls, greenfinches, house finches, pine siskins, lesser redpolls, common redpolls, sparrows, and buntings.

The best bird feeder for niger seeds is a thistle feeder, and the most reliable way to attract birds interested in niger seeds is to provide them with fresh and properly stored seeds in a cool, dry, and shaded area.

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Can humans eat nyjer seed?

Generally, niger seed is not a typical dietary choice for people and is rarely eaten as a staple food.

Nevertheless, you can consume it as a snack or in certain recipes. If you consume a large quantity of niger seed, which may cause digestive problems, then you’ll get calls every minute. Haha

Although, if you want to eat it as a food source, it’ll be better to get some advice from a consultant.


What seed attracts the most birds?

There are various bird seeds, such as millet, peanut, sunflower, safflower, and nyjer/niger seeds.

What birds eat, niger seed? This is depend upon different aspects, depending on the species of the birds that live there and their individual preferences.

Other birds eat cracked corn. What birds eat cracked corn? You will also like!



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