Interesting Facts About Parakeets (Everything You Need to Know)

Why do you have parakeets?

Well, parakeets are popular pets, and people love to have them as they are best companions after paw friends. With that, specific hidden and interesting facts about parakeets often fantasize a pet lover.

Moreover, this loving pet bird with colorful feathers enjoys being around children, adults or families. Additionally, a parakeet can live longer as they have fewer health issues.

So, in today’s guide, we will learn several interesting facts about parakeets that will convince you to get one.

Let’s dive in! 

Parakeets are Flock Creature

First and foremost, Parakeets are social birds. 

It’s because parakeets live in the flock and build their nest with their family. And the fun fact is a pair of parakeets is always happy compared to a single one.

However, keeping them in a pair is best if you have a single bird or a new parakeet. They certainly require attention, and if you give, it starts getting close to you, and as a result, you become its flock. 

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Parakeets are Monogamous

One interesting facts about parakeets is that they are monogamous and enjoy spending their whole life with a partner.

In the wild, it’s natural for them to choose their partner, but as a pet, the owner decides their mate. 

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Common Parakeets Around the Globe:

There are hundreds of types of a parakeet, and it’s not even possible to state. 

However, only a few of them are widespread. 

For example, one of the most common types found massively is budgerigar, also known as budgie or shell parakeet. 

However, you must know that all budgies are parakeets but not all are parakeets, as the budgie is just a parakeet species. 

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Parakeets Have Complex Body Language

Do you understand the body language of your bird?

If you do, you must be excited to know that Parakeets can express their anger or joy by moving their wings or changing positions.

For example, if they want to poop, they squat slightly shorter. When they are upset, they fold their wings. You have to observe them closely to learn about their complex body language. 

Interesting facts about parakeets

Parakeets Can Talk

Yes, another fun fact is Parakeets can talk. Not only this, but they can even learn extensive vocabulary. 

They mimic human voices and remember the names of the owners and other family members. They also produce the sound of ringbells, alarms, and telephone rings.

You can train them from the beginning. 

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Parakeet’s Beak Reveals Its Gender

How do you get to know about the gender of a parakeet?

By looking at the cere above the beak.

For example, there is a blue cere, a male parakeet. Meanwhile, the female has brown cere. 

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Parakeets Inhabit the Mainland

Parakeets like to live in flocks and build their nest close to their neighbors.

They never built nests and prefer to live in cavities, logs, fences, and hollow or eucalyptus trees. 

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Types of Parakeet

People love to have more than 100 species of parakeets as pets.

However, each species has unique features and characteristics that make them more superb than others.

The reason behind different parakeet colors is that parakeet breeders mix different species to have a new one, which can also result in a new color.

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Parakeets Have Feelings

Do you know that parakeets express their feelings?

Well! They have high emotions.

They spend their life with one partner. If one of them dies, they show signs of depression. They refuse to eat for several weeks and need adequate time to accept the new partner. 

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Parakeets and Parrots Both Are Different

Parrots are often considered the same as parakeets or vice versa. However, the fact is this is not the case.

Both are different. 

In this regard, the primary difference is between the abilities of mimics. Additionally, a slight difference in their appearance and color also differentiates them.

For example, parrots are larger birds with robust beaks, and parakeets have slender yet smaller bodies. 

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Parakeets Have Four Toes

Unlike other birds, parakeets have four toes— two facing forward and two facing backward.

They grab toys, hold objects, and climb on trees or cages with the help of their toes.

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Make Great Companion

Just like little boys, parakeets love attention.

They are affectionate, lovable, intelligent, and highly socialized birds. They build strong bonds with their owners and also intimate them.

That’s why you will always find them doing mtany fascinating things to get attention. Undoubtedly, a long-tailed parakeet would be an excellent gift for children and adults.

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Parakeets Are Omnivores

Nuts, seeds, insects, and flowers are the favorite food of parakeets.

They form large flocks in the wild and feed on crops and wheat. As a pet, you can provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables along with seeds, nuts, and blossoms. 

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Parakeets Are Nomadic Bird

Yes, parakeets are nomadic birds as they love warmer areas, so they fly from north to south. Like the Monk Parakeet, lavender parakeets flew in flocks for water and food.

Mostly, they find open agricultural land where food is abundant. 

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Parakeets Have Long Life

Parakeets usually live longer lives.

Some live close to 10-15 years, while others live upto 20 years. The best tip is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. 

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Parakeets Are Trainable

If you are considering getting parakeets for your home, get them early, as they are trainable.


They love to do many fascinating things.

Some species learn acrobats to gain attention. They mimic human voices and call their owner by name. 

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What features make Parakeets Unique?  

Parakeets are small to medium-sized birds with striking colors. The feature that makes them stand out among the bird community is their long tails.  

Do Parakeets Feel Like Humans? 

Yes,  they do.  They express their anger and joy by the movement of a crest on their head.  Sometimes, they bite when they feel threatened.  

List any 3 Unique features of Budgies.  

  • Budgies do not have a bladder, so their urine and faeces pass through the same route.  
  • They poop after every 20 minutes. 
  • They can only afford to lose 10-12 drops of blood.  

What is best About Parakeets? 

They are loving and affectionate.  They are easy to breed and care for due to their small sizes. 

Interesting Facts About Parakeets – Bottom Line:

Remember, Parakeets are small to medium-sized birds with unique features and characteristics. They are easy to raise and require a small cage to live.

Furthermore, some of the interesting facts about parakeets also include a tiny creature with a flexible body and long tail. 

They quickly get familiar with their owner in no time and mimic human voices and many other sounds. They are healthy and have a long lifespan. Parakeets are monogamous and spend their whole life with one partner.

If you are considering having parakeets at home, then these interesting facts about parakeets will help you choose them. 


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