Do you have getting a sound of a bird somehow coming from a chimney? Well, these are common problems everybody faces. Most people say the same, that I can hear a bird in my chimney. You will get all the essential steps to get rid of birds.

So, what steps should you take to remove them from your chimney? You don’t need to worry anymore; we will show you the 5 best methods to get birds out of chimney forever.

In this article, we will provide you with every information and solution for removing birds from your chimney. However, there are several ways to safely and humanely remove birds from your chimney and prevent them from returning.

We will cover everything, from installing a chimney cap to using a one-way door.

We also discuss all the causes why birds could enter a chimney, and give you tips for avoiding this. We also tell you whether you should hire a professional cleaner, as well as the use of distress calls and blaring music.

You just need to explore our useful article to get the ideal solution to get birds out of chimney.


What should you do to get birds out of chimney?

  • Did you ever think that what is the reason why birds enter your chimney?

There are several reasons behind this, such as nesting, roosting, protection, and attraction to warmth. Because of the natural cavity, they might think these are the holes of the tree and build their nest in your chimney, which is natural.

Whenever a bird gets trapped in your chimney, it is very difficult for anyone to tolerate the smell and dirtiness of the bird, and it is also dangerous for birds; it can get hurt from flame and smoke from the fire.

get birds out of chimney

People suggest different ways to get rid of it, but these are not the most optimal and good for a long-time.

But here are the 5 most practical ways to stop birds from nesting in your chimney. You need to follow the steps below:


5 best ways to get rid of birds in the chimney


Well, now we assume you notice the sound of birds coming from the chimney. Now, first, you should use the first method, which is making noises. When you make a noise, the bird suddenly leaves the chimney,

If the bird cannot go upward and you are incapable of get birds out of chimney, it will come down into your house. In this situation, you must have a bird-catching net so that you can easily catch the bird without causing any hurt.

In our 3rd method, apply a cap on your chimney’s top.

That way, you can easily get rid of the birds trapped in the chimney forever.




Most people suggest a professional sound emitter to get birds out of the chimney, which is helpful but unnecessary.

However, you do not need to spend money.

You can also use the kitchen utensils, such as a pan and spoons, and bang them together to make loud noises just under your chimney. If there are any birds inside your chimney, they will immediately leave it, because birds get scared of noises.

Making noise by banging a spoon with a pan or even other utensils is one of the easiest and most preferable methods to drive away the birds.




Birds trapping with the net is very human, because it doesn’t cause any harm to birds, so you can easily catch any bird from anywhere.

A bird net is efficient, and wildlife professionals also use it to save any bird, so you can also use it to get birds out of  chimney.

It is a very useful tool, because it is a multi-purpose object; you can also catch different species like fish. We can use birds catching net several times for any purpose.

The important thing about a bird net is it is ethical and safe by comparing others, such as shooting, poisoning, and much more.

Birds catching net is also budget-friendly. It costs very little, so you can easily buy it.



The one-way door is another good option to get humanly rid of birds, because no one wants to hurt birds, as they are speechless animals.

There are various uses for one-way devices. It is also useful to catch rats. The one-way door allows animals to enter this device, but prevents them from exiting. When a bird goes inside the one-way device, it suddenly gets stuck in and is unable to come out.

So this is one of the most optimal ways to get rid of birds without hurting them.



A chimney cap is a device placed on top of a chimney that stops every harmful thing from entering the chimney, such as birds, rain, and many others.

Commonly, there are 4 types of chimney caps:

1. Rain caps


2. Animal control caps


3. Combination caps


4. Spark arrestor cap


These are the four common chimney caps. All these caps have their benefits, but you need animal control caps to prevent birds from entering the chimney.

These all caps are One-Time Investment if you want to get rid of birds forever. After installing the cap, you need to clean them. After a particular time, it’s up to you, and the best part of this chimney is that you can easily install it, which is interesting!

You don’t need to pay extra for the installation of the chimney, and you can easily get birds out of chimney. Before purchasing it, you need to find the perfect size for your chimney to fit on it easily.



professional cleaner to get birds out of chimney

The last method to get birds out of chimney is to hire a professional to remove the bird easily, because they have professional equipment, techniques, and a lot of experience.

So they can easily or safely humanely remove the birds. We know them as a chimney sweep.

After that, remember to install a chimney cap on the top of your chimney.




You need to know that there are restrictions or laws about some specific species, because you can cause disease from these species. It is strictly illegal to kill native birds without a permit, such as Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Mourning Dove, Chickadees, etc.

So, for that reason, you must hire a professional to remove birds from a chimney. But, if you are clear there are no certain species, you can use the methods we told you above.



Well, we are sure you understand how to get birds out of chimney.

You can use the first and second techniques to remove a bird from your chimney if there is only one bird there, and it does not have a nest or young. The bird departs the chimney in this manner. After that, you must install a chimney cap to get rid of birds forever.

Now, if you see a nest on the chimney, we recommend hiring a professional to remove a bird from the chimney.

Did you know? That there are some male birds have balls. Seems curious, isn’t it?.

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Dr. Asfand Yar is a distinguished ornithologist and wildlife biologist with a Ph.D. in Ornithology and an M.S. in Wildlife Biology. With over two decades of experience, he is a recognized authority in avian research, specializing in bird migration and conservation within the European Economic Area (EEA). Dr. Asfand extensive academic background and fieldwork have resulted in numerous publications, contributing significantly to the ornithological field.

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