Funny bird names | Top 20 birds with funny and weird names

So, the guy, I’m here to give you the weirdest and funny names of Birds that also play a vital role in the earth’s environment.

In this article, you will learn the 20 most funny bird names that are very fascinating and You will also get to know what should I call my bird

You can give all these names to your feathered friends, which seem very interesting.

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| What is the coolest bird name?

So, here are the 20 funniest and coolest names of birds, These all birds also come in the list of funny bird names.


  • Laughing Kookaburra 

Laughing Kookaburra 

A giant, terrestrial kingfisher found in Australia, known for its distinctive laughing call.

So, you know those Laughing Kookaburras? They’re these cool tree kingfishers that live in eastern Australia.

That bird is called the ‘laughing jackass’ because of its hilarious laughing sound.

Did you know that the laughing kookaburra is a pretty big bird? It’s 40 to 50 cm long and weighs around 250 to 500 grams. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out the kookaburra! It’s got this super long, curved bill and a fluffy crest on its noggin.


  • Hoopoe          

A Hoopoe medium-sized bird with a distinctive crested head and a long, curved bill.

The Hoopoe is a colorful bird with a distinctive crest on top of its head. It belongs to the hoopoe family Upupidae.

Hoopoes are medium-sized birds with striking plumage, including a striped head, a reddish bill, dark and white wings, and a black and white tail.

Did you know, Male Hoopoes tend to be more vibrant and colorful than females?

In addition, Hoopoes have a crest of colorful feathers that can be erected when the bird feels threatened or excited.

The crest typically points forward, but when erected, it means upwards.


  • Boobies          

boobie funny names for bird watchers

Boobie is a type of seabird known for their comically large, colorful beaks and clumsy movements on land.

Boobies are seabirds in the gull-like family Laridae. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

They are found in tropical oceans around the world.

Did you know, Boobies are characterized by their flat, plate-like breastbone that they can expand to attract mates or intimidate rivals?

This is called the ‘booby gland’ and gives them their name.


  • Superb Bird-of-Paradise        

Superb Bird-of-Paradise funny bird names meme 

Super bird of Paradise riflebird is a small, brightly colored bird found in New Guinea, known for its elaborate courtship dance.

Have you seen the Superb Bird-of-Paradise? It’s this super colorful bird that’s from New Guinea. Oh, that bird is part of the bird-of-paradise family called Paradisaeidae.

It’s like a bird that’s not too big, around 30 cm long.

Have you seen the Superb Bird-of-Paradise? This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

The males have this crazy cool look with blue metallic feathers, a long curly tail, and a reddish head, While the female bird has dull brown feathers.


  • Bufflehead     

bufflehead funny bird names species

Bufflehead is a small, North American sea duck known for the male’s striking black-and-white plumage.

The Bufflehead is a small diving duck found in freshwater lakes, ponds, and marshes across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Bufflehead belongs to the genus Bucephala of the duck family Anatidae.

Buffleheads measure around 18 inches in length and weigh 1.5 to 2.5 pounds.

Did you know that Males in breeding plumage have a narrow double crest on the head, rusty orange head, black neck and chest, white body with black bars on the sides, and orange legs and feet?


  • Barn Swallow 


barn swallow funny birds pics

The barn swallow is also a small, elegant bird found worldwide, known for its long, pointed wings and acrobatic flight.

The Barn Swallow is a migratory passerine bird throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

It belongs to the swallow family Hirundinidae. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

Barn Swallows measure around 5 inches long and weigh 0.1 to 0.2 ounces.

Barn swallows have iridescent blue upper parts, white underparts, a reddish-brown chest and abdomen, a black head and band on the neck, and a forked blue tail.


  • Anhinga          

anhinga funny bird

Well, Anhinga is a large waterbird found in the Americas, known for its long, thin neck and spear-like bill.

Anhingas measure around 24-30 inches in length and weigh 1-3 pounds.

They have a long snake-like neck, olive-brown plumage, yellow face patch, and red eyes.

Did you know Non-breeding plumage is browner and lacks a yellow face patch?

Anhingas swim and dive in shallow fresh, or brackish water wetlands.

They feed on fish and aquatic invertebrates like crustaceans, mollusks, and insects, which they catch by stalking or spearing.


  • Kea     

kea wildlife birds names

Kea is also a large, green parrot found in New Zealand is known for its intelligence and naughty behavior.

The Kea is a large parrot native to the mountainous islands of New Zealand. It is the only parrot endemic to New Zealand.

Generally, Keas measure around 28 inches and weigh 1-2 pounds. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

They have a predominantly olive-green plumage, a short black tail, grey head and throat, red underwings, and black bill.


  • Long-tailed Tit 

long tailed tits funny bird names pet

The long-tailed tit is also a small, fluffy bird found in Europe and Asia, known for its long, thin tail and social behavior.

The long-tailed tit also comes in the list of funny bird names. It is a small passerine bird in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Long-tailed Tit belongs to the family Paridae of treecreepers and tits. It measures around 4.5 inches in length and weighs 0.5 ounces.

They have blue upper parts, yellow rump, white chin and throat, brown breasts, and deep chestnut nape.

They have a long tapering black tail that is often cocked upwards.


  • Spangled Cotinga      

spangled cotinga funny bird names memefunny bird names meme

The spangled cotinga is an exquisite and colorful bird found in Central and South America, known for its iridescent blue and purple feathers.

The Spangled Cotinga is a colorful passerine bird found in tropical forests of South America. It belongs to the Cotinga family Cotingidae.

Spangled Cotingas measure around 6 inches in length and weigh 0.5 ounces.

They have glossy black upperparts, rust-colored underparts, long pointed tail feathers with white outer edges, white forehead patches, and blue bands on wing coverts.

Did you know? Females have duller plumage and lack the white patch on the forehead.


  • Rockhopper Penguin 

Rockhopper Penguin most funny bird

The Rockhopper penguin is a small, crested penguin found in the Southern Ocean, known for its distinctive appearance and loud calls.

The Rock Hopper Penguin is native to the southern coasts of South America and the Falkland Islands.

It belongs to the genus Eudyptes which means ‘a good diver.’ This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

Rockhopper Penguins measure around 23 inches in length and weigh 4.5 pounds.

They have black upper parts with white cheeks, chest and throat, yellow chin patch, pink feet, and grey legs.

Did you know? Males tend to be larger and have more extended black plumage on the head and throat.


  • Turkey Vulture           

turkey vulture Funny bird name

The Turkey vulture is a very great and large, scavenging bird found throughout the Americas, known for its bald red head and keen sense of smell.

The Turkey Vulture is a large raptor found in the Americas, ranging from southern Canada through Central America to Tierra del Fuego. It belongs to the family Cathartidae.

Turkey Vultures measure around 24-30 inches in length and weigh 3-6.5 pounds.

They have brownish-red plumage, black flight feathers, and pink heads. Juveniles have feathered legs, red eyes, and throat patches.


  • Kingfisher       

king fisher best funny birds

A kingfisher is related to a diverse family of brightly colored birds found worldwide, known for their sharp beaks and excellent fishing skills.

Kingfishers are a family of brightly colored passerine birds with long pointed bills found worldwide in tropical and temperate regions.

They are known as Alcedinidae. There are over 120 species of Kingfishers varying in size from 3 to 30 cm in length.

They have iridescent plumage with metallic blues, greens, purples, or reds. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

Did you know? Many species have crested heads or long rust-colored legs and feet.


  • Macaroni Penguin      

A macaroni penguin is a medium-sized penguin found in the Southern Ocean, known for its distinctive yellow crest and orange bill.

The Macaroni Penguin is a penguin found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Macaroni penguin breeds in large colonies on subantarctic islands in the southern Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. It belongs to the genus Eudyptes.

Macaroni Penguins measure around 22 inches in length and weigh 3-4.5 pounds.

They have pied plumage with brown upperparts and white underparts. They have blackheads, yellow scarves, and green-grey chest patches during the breeding season.

Did you know? Non-breeding plumage is dull brown overall.


  • Bearded Tit    

bearded tit funny bird names species

A bearded reedling tit is also a small, elusive bird found in Europe and Asia, known for its distinctive facial plumage.

The Bearded Tit is a small passerine bird in Europe and Asia. It belongs to the family Paridae which contains tits and chickadees. 

Bearded Tits measure around 8 inches in length and weigh 0.2 ounces. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

They have brown upper parts, pale grey underparts, a white throat patch, a yellow face, and a red brow. Males in breeding plumage have elongated ear tufts and enlarged bills.


  • Greater Sage-Grouse 

Greater Sage-Grouse TOP 20 FUNNY BIRD NAMES

The Greater Sage-Grouse is a large, ground-dwelling bird found in western North America, known for its elaborate courtship displays.

The Greater Sage-Grouse is a sizeable gallinaceous bird native to the sagebrush shrub-steppe habitats of the western United States and Canada.

Greater Sage-Grouse measure around 3.5 feet in length and weigh 5-9 pounds. It belongs to the order Galliformes.

Males have two inflatable yellow air sacs on their necks, black bellies, and ruffs of white feathers on their chests.

Did you know? Females have speckled brown plumage across their upper parts.


  • African Grey Parrot   

african grey parrot funny bird names pet

An African grey parrot is a brilliant parrot found in West and Central Africa, known for its ability to mimic human speech.

African Grey Parrots measure around 18 inches in length and weigh 250-400 grams.

They have grey plumage, blue-grey rump and underwing coverts, red eyes, and black bills. Males tend to be slightly larger and have darker grey plumage.

African Grey Parrots inhabit tropical rainforests, woodlands, and scrublands in central and western Africa, ranging from Nigeria to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They feed on fruits, berries, seeds, buds, blossoms, flowers, and foliage


  • Northern Flicker         

northern flicker funny names for bird watchers

A large northern flicker woodpecker found throughout North America is known for its striking black-and-white plumage and “flicking” behavior.

The Northern Flicker is a woodpecker found in forests across northern North America. It belongs to the family Picidae which contains woodpeckers and wrynecks.

Northern Flickers measure around 15 inches in length and weigh 4.5-11 ounces.

Males have red upperparts and pale grey underparts with dark barring, yellow rump patch, and salmon-pink under tail coverts.

Females have brown olive upperparts, pale grey underparts and lack salmon patches.


  • Saddle-billed Stork     

Saddle billed Stork the funny and weird bird 

Saddle-billed stork is a large, colorful stork found in sub-Saharan Africa, known for its distinctive, brightly colored bill.

The Saddle billed Stork is a large wading bird in Africa and Asia. It belongs to the family Ciconiidae which contains storks.

Saddle-billed Storks measure around 32-40 inches in length and weigh 4-8 pounds. This bird also comes in the list of funny bird names.

They have white plumage with pink facial skin and black and yellow bills with a distinct saddle-like structure.

Did you know? Their legs are black, Juveniles have buff-tinged plumage.


  • Frigate bird     

frigate bird wildlife birds names

A Frigate bird is a group of large, aerial seabirds found worldwide, known for their long wings and ability to soar for days without landing. 

The Frigate bird is a seabird found in tropical oceans worldwide. It belongs to the family Fregatidae, a distinct family within the Pelecaniformes order.

Frigate birds measure around 30-40 inches in length and weigh 1-3 pounds. They have brown plumage, long forked tails, and pink legs and feet.

Males have glossy dark plumage, yellow throat patches, and darkened facial masks.

Females and juveniles have brown plumage with paler underparts.

The Frigate bird is well known because of its funny bird names.

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| What should I call my bird?

Give your bird a name you admire, fitting its unique qualities, actions, or appearance. This is key to naming your bird. Choose a pleasant, easy-to-pronounce name your bird recognizes and responds to.

You may name your new companion after a favorite fictional figure, natural person, or place. Opportunities are endless!

Or something simple like Budgie, Birdie, Sparrow, Robin, Jay, etc.



Well, these are the top 20 Funny bird names you see above

We hope you love to read all these weird bird names and what name you should give to your feathered friend.

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